Monday, September 29, 2008

Next meeting on October 15!

At last week's meeting, current events gave us plenty to talk about, but we managed to squeeze in some discussion of Anthem.

This month, we're shaking things up a bit: we'll each choose a title that interests us. There are just too many good books out there to stick to one! When we meet again, hopefully we will have found some great reading to recommend to each other.

We will also be researching the Founding Fathers: each of us will be taking a couple of names to get to know better, and we'll share what we've learned at the next few meetings.

Next month's meeting date is still being discussed, I'll update it here as soon as it is certain, but for now it looks like Wednesday, October 15, if that works for everyone else! We will be meeting at 7:00 pm, again at Zeppelin Threads on Main Street in Cynthiana.

This would be a great month to join us, since there is no assigned reading. Come and tell us about a book we might like!

Hope to see you there!


PatHenMom said...

Hey! It's me! Just checking in. I'm sending this as a calendar item to Bruce. & I'm telling him the 15th.

LiveandLearn said...

Thanks! I'm still trying to check with Heather on the date, too!